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Keep Yours Cool in the Heatwave!

Alkas Miah, Customer Service Manager

By Alkas Miah | First published: 12th July 2018

Summer's here!

Old appliance struggling
to keep its cool in this heat?

Time to upgrade.


As much as we are all enjoying this heat, fridges and freezers can find it hard to keep their cool in prolonged periods of hot weather. Older machines can really struggle with the extra exertion required to keep food fresh during heat-waves, and a number of refrigerating appliances stop working all together.

Kevin Herring, Director says: “When high temperatures are sustained over a period of time or when there are significant fluctuations in temperature, older machines can often break down. Combine this with the fact that people have additional refrigeration requirements in the summer months, and you can see why we report a dramatic increase in refrigeration rental applications during heat-waves”.

Ambient temperature can seriously affect fridge / freezer operation. Fridges are not designed to operate in extreme conditions, or in direct sunlight, or in areas where there is inadequate airflow. Any of these factors can cause appliance breakdown. When temperatures are high both fridges and freezers need to work especially hard and their compressor will need to run at full pelt for extended periods. As compressors are not designed to run in this way they can overheat and experience a thermal overload cutout or a terminal failure.

It is logical that when machines are required to work on over time during a heat-wave they will be consuming significantly more electricity than normal. This is especially true for older machines so to avoid a potential breakdown as well as a ramped up electricity bill, it may be worth considering upgrading to a newer appliance.

We offer a wide range of Bosch fridges and freezers that are highly efficient and can boast impressively low energy consumption values. All of our equipment is fully installed by an experienced engineer and covered by a same/ next day service support, at no extra cost.

Bosch Serie 8 WAW325H0GB 9Kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine

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