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The Smartest TV Choice for Box-Set Binging

Deirdre Quillinan, Sales Advisor

By Deirdre Quillinan | First published: 19th March 2018

Smart Televsion Programmes

Technology is revolutionising the way in which we watch television with the days of waiting for the next episode of a programme to be broadcast mostly behind us. On-demand shows from the likes of BBC iPlayer and Netflix are increasingly popular, with 75% of young adults aged 16–24 and 59% of over 65s using these services.* With so much content available online, consumers now have a huge amount of choice available to them and since the advent of the new generation 4K UHD TV, images can be transmitted with incredible clarity. Big budget series like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders, The Crown, House of Cards, Plant Earth and Narcos leave everyone talking and it is easy to binge watch box sets when they are so readily available.

Despite the fact that viewing habits are rapidly changing, a television remains a central focal point in any home with 68% of adults in the UK agreeing that watching programmes/ films brings the family together. * In fact we are seeing a significant increase in screen size, with 55″ and 65″ 4K HDR and UHD TVs being popular choices amongst our customers as they look for a more cinematic experience. Although consumers also watch content on their phones or tablets, statistics show that we would still rather come together to enjoy a show on a big screen.

Our Samsung QLED 4K UHD TVs provide the smartest viewing experience. Seamlessly blending a wide variety of content sources you can effortlessly switch from live TV to films or box sets on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video or go to Catch Up TV for any shows you may have missed. From the Smart Hub home screen you are only ever three clicks away from watching your favourite programme in the greatest clarity of colour and depth. **

* Latest statistics from OFCOM.

** Requires Netflix / Amazon streaming subscription.