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Everything you need to know about the 2020 television retune

Hannah Forbes, Head of Brand and Content Managment

By Hannah Forbes | First published: 4th March 2020

Digital video recorder pointed at a television with a bowl of popcorn

Retuning your Television

Digital television is constantly being upgraded and amended to improve the content that you have access to. However, these technological improvements bring about changes in the frequencies for each channel. In order to keep watching your favourite transmissions you will need to ensure that you have retuned.

We offer assistance with this to all customers. You can call our multi award-winning Customer Service team on 01737 647 300 and they can talk you through the simple steps or can offer a video calling service to assist further. Alternatively, we have provided a tuning guide below for you to work through independently.

If you use Freeview you will need to re-tune your TV when your area is affected by these changes. This can be easily achieved by following these steps:

  • Samsung TVs: Menu > Settings then select ‘Broadcast’ followed by ‘Auto Tuning’ to retune channels.
  • Panasonic TVs: Menu > Setup > DVB Tuning Menu then select ‘Auto Set Up’ to start the retune.
  • Sony TVs: Menu > System Settings > Channel Set Up then choose ‘Digital Tuning.’ In some cases you will be asked to confirm your region to ensure that you get correct channels.
  • Humax PVR9150, 9200 & 9300: Menu> Installation > Automatic search > Password 0000 then OK on remote control. Once you have completed the channel setup you will need to save settings to ensure channels are stored.
  • Humax FVP4000/FVP5000: Home button > Settings > Channel Settings then ‘Automatic Channel Search.’

With Humax, if the channels are not appearing correctly please select the System Default Settings option. You will be asked to enter a password which by default is 0000.

If you are asked whether or not you wish to delete channels or settings just select ‘OK’ as the channels will be re-installed after the retune.

Your TV may turn off for a few moments before re-starting with the new channels.

Tuning menu options may vary between models however our customer service team can assist you further. Availability of Freeview channels is subject to weather and transmission in your area.

To make things easy, we have compiled all of the retune dates for 2020 so you can keep track of what is happening in your area.

Retune Dates for 2020

Location Area Date
Winter Hill Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire 20th February 2020
Divis Belfast and the Surrounding Area 4th March 2020
Belmont Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire 4th March 2020
Waltham Much of East Midlands 4th March 2020
Nottingham The Nottingham Area 4th March 2020
Darvel Parts of Blackwaterfoot & Campbeltown 4th March 2020
Bilsdale Teesside and much of North Yorkshire 12th March 2020
Moel y Parc North East Wales 22nd April 2020
Winter Hill Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire 22nd April 2020
Pendle Forest Parts of Trawden 22nd April 2020
Saddleworth The Saddleworth Area 22nd April 2020
Storeton Parts of The Wirral and Liverpool 22nd April 2020
Lancaster (some relays only) Parts of the Lancaster area 22nd April 2020
Caldbeck (some relays only) Parts of Gosforth and St Bees 22nd April 2020
Caldbeck Scotland (Creetown relay only) Parts of Creetown 22nd April 2020
Douglas Most of the Isle of Man 29th April 2020
Kendal Kendal and parts of the Lake District 29th April 2020

Please note: some of our television will automatically retune.

Samsung Q9F QE65Q9FN

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