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Humax Day / Night HD Cloud Camera

Deirdre Quillinan, Senior Customer Service Advisor

By Deirdre Quillinan | First published: 17th July 2018

Humax Day / Night HD Cloud Camera, product view

Forbes Rentals' expert verdict: 5/5

This is a really user-friendly WiFi Cloud security camera that is simple to set up and is neat and convenient. The picture quality is superb and the ‘detection zone’ function is very useful and easy to implement. I think this is a brilliant solution for anyone looking for a security camera or a means of monitoring pets or checking in on loved ones.

At a glance

Setup: 5/5

View of the Humax Eye mobile app

This great little Humax Eye Day & Night HD WiFi Cloud security camera is impressively easy to set-up, even for technophobes! Setup is a simple three-step process that involves downloading the Y-cam app, plugging in the power cable and entering a few details onto your smart phone to enable a Bluetooth connection. The whole setup takes just a few minutes and is extremely straight forward.

Design: 5/5

Humax Day / Night HD Cloud Camera

As a 2″ square, this is an incredibly small and discreet camera that is sleek and stylish and will inconspicuously blend into any home. It is a simple and neat design and you just need to screw the camera onto its stand, angle it as you want and plug in the power lead.

Ease of Use: 5/5

Humax camera with the Humax Camera

When you are not there the Humax Eye will notify you immediately via your smart phone when it detects motion or sound. It is very sensitive and will pick up on the slightest movement but it is really easy to select ‘detection zones’ to eliminate unnecessary alerts. Via the Y-Cam app on your smart phone you can watch a live video at any point as well as viewing recorded videos and images. If you have a Humax PVR you can also watch recordings on you television screen. Recorded images and videos are automatically stored on the cloud for seven days so that you will be able to access them even if the camera is lost, damaged or stolen. I would say that if you wanted to use it for security reasons, it is ideally situated in a hallway or entrance area as opposed to in a main living area. Personally, I wanted to use the camera to monitor my dog whilst I was out so I angled the camera towards his favourite sofa and it was fascinating to watch how he quickly took ownership of his seat, where he smugly remained for the duration of my outing.

Video & Image Quality: 5/5

Two Humax cameras with wall brackets

The picture quality is quite astounding. I was expecting the type of fuzzy image I used to watch over my child’s baby monitor seven years ago. How wrong I was. This camera delivers a crystal clear HD 720P image, employing night vision to deliver the same staggering clarity even in the dark. The wide range capacity of the recording also surprised me, with an almost 180 degree view point being transmitted.

Humax Day / Night HD Cloud Camera

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