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New QLED TV with Ambient Mode

See nothing else.

When not in use, Ambient Mode blends QLED into your home interior, transformed into a photo or art frame that will personalise and eliminate that big black screen.

Apple TV App logo

Samsung TV is the only Smart TV in the UK with the BT Sport app available, so if you’re a BT Sport subscriber you can now watch world class live sport on your TV.

  • An ambient addition to your home

    A minimalist, sleek design that seamlessly blends into any home. Anti-cabling ensures no messy wires pour from the screen, a single cable connects to the power. Ambient Mode transforms an idle screen into a stylish frame, enhancing your interior design.

  • QLED TV Colour depth
  • Over a billion shades of colour

    Q colour

    Samsung have created a colour depth has never before been seen on a television screen. Combined with ground breaking Quantum Dot technology the result is astounding clarity, with the Q9 range achieving a colour volume of 100%.

  • Image perfection in any light

    Q contrast

    Every detail is highlighted by the deepest, darkest blacks to always deliver the perfect image. There will never be too much or too little light in the room. Enjoy your favourite content in exceptional clarity at any time and in any light.

  • QLED TV image details
  • QLED TV image contrast
  • Astounding Brightness and Contrast

    Q HDR 2000/1500/1000

    Q HDR+ technology delivers a wider range of contrast and brightness than has been seen before. With incredibly lifelike images, all the picture nuances spring from the screen and even dark, shadowy scenes display with incredible clarity and depth.

  • No more big black screen

    Ambient Mode

    There is no longer any need to let a redundant black screen dominate the room when you are not watching television. With QLED the screen transforms into a frame and you can upload photos or art to create a far more interesting focal point.

  • QLED TV Ambience Mode
  • QLED TV controlled with remote
  • Streamlined control from a single remote

    One Remote Control

    A single, sleek remote control can communicate with any connected devise so that you no longer need to rummage around looking for the right remote. Easy to operate, the control will automatically communicate with the devise that is connected.

  • New smart features and seamless connectivity


    Along with a wide range of Smart apps, QLED is easy to connect to Smart phones, devices and appliances. At the touch of a button you can take control of your home, your phone to your fridge at your command.

  • QLED TV Smart features
  • QLED voice recognition
  • Voice assistance for intelligent interaction

    Voice Assistant on TV

    With Samsung’s voice recognition technology simply ask QLED questions about the weather, flip channels or get help with screen navigation. Just by switching on the voice recognition function on your remote you can verbally instruct QLED from your sofa.

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